End of an era

Hi my Champion followers! I thank you for giving me your support by pressing the ‘follow’ button. I have had fun writing reviews for every movie I’ve watched since taking that one film course in 2012(?). But now, I must say farewell to this blog. Not to say that I will never post again – I might for the films that have impacted me greatly, but for the most part, this is goodbye. I recently heard somewhere, of someone (very specific I know), saying a quote along the lines of: “If you have a lot of passions, pick one, and discard the rest. They are just distractions.” I can’t seem to find who said the quote, or what the quote was exactly. If you know of what I am talking about, please comment below!

Anyway, that is what made me realize I spend quite some time writing these reviews, and it is hindering my focus on other things. I need to narrow my focus, in order to achieve the things I want to in life. So ta-ta, my readers. I hope your life is going the way you want it to. If not, change your focus!

Peace and love,



Quote #261

Do not handicap your children by making their lives too easy. 

-Robert Heinlein, as Lazarus Long