The Space Between Us (2017) Review

Verdict: Typical teen

Intriguing premise, but typical teen story.


When the first mission to Mars is underway, they realize that the head astronaut, Sarah Elliot (Janet Montgomery) is pregnant. After dying in childbirth, the child, Gardner (Asa Butterfield), is the first human to be born in space. Gardner grows up knowing nothing about life down in Earth, and is only able to get a feel of it by chatting online with Tulsa (Britt Robertson). Gardner convinces astronaut, Kendra (Carla Gugino), and head of the project, Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman) to bring him to Earth. When he does, his physiology isn’t prepared for the gravity on Earth, and complications arise. Gardner, however, is determined not to go back without finding his birth father. Directed by Peter Chelsom.

The concept of the film is pretty intriguing, but once you actually watch it, there are a lot of flaws that appear. The big one being: no female astronaut would have been able to go to space while pregnant. It was also quite dramatic, the way they made that scene. Anywho, you’ll just have to excuse all the questions that may arise when watching this film in order to enjoy it.

I have been a fan of Asa Butterfield since watching him in Ender’s Game, and then realized that he was in The Boy in the Striped Pajamasas well as in Hugo. All films that I enjoyed greatly. He’s making a lot of movies in different genres which show his versatility. While I did not especially like this film, he did his part pretty well. A true ‘Martian’, the filmmakers knew how to play this to their advantage, to create some comedic scenes. And Butterfield did well at expressing the emotions of his character to portray his cluelessness of being on Earth.

His chemistry with Robertson is awkward at first, and doesn’t get much better. To be honest, they don’t really seem like a good fit together. She does look quite mature for him, and according to the dates on IMDb, she’s about 7 years older. She doesn’t look it, but he definitely looks quite young.

Also, I guess there isn’t much substance behind the story. They are focused on that one mission to find his dad, and while obstacles come, everything is eventually fine and dandy. More backstory on the other characters would have been appreciated.

Nonetheless, the visuals are quite well done, and some of the aerial shots provide a nice touch. There are also some songs in the soundtrack that I enjoyed listening to.

Overall, an intriguing concept that suffers due to an insubstantial story.

To sum-up:
PROS: Concept, acting
CONS: Story, typically teen, not much depth

I give this a 6/10.

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