Nerve (2016) Review

 Verdict: Quite thrilling

Great editing, soundtrack and acting.


After being influenced by her best friend, Sydney (Emily Meade), Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to sign up as a player for ‘Nerve’. As a player, Vee has to complete dares for money, dares that people who signed up as watchers come up with. Against her good friend, Tommy’s (Miles Heizer) wishes, Vee goes off to the city with Ian (Dave Franco) on a dare. What ensues is a roller coaster of dares and drama between players.

A very terrifying idea that isn’t so far from reality. Nerve hits home to how people like to hide behind their anonymity online while, for example, giving hateful comments. While this concept seemed pretty dark in the trailer, it really is a young adult/teen film.

The acting cast did well with their characters, and their emotions were clearly expressed. As the protagonist, Roberts did well in displaying her character’s conflicting and transitioning state of mind as the story progressed. Franco does well as the male lead, but I felt that his character was a little more superficial than Roberts’. While background information on his character is provided, it feels like something is lacking.

As well, I was pleasantly surprised to see both Kimiko Glenn, and Samira Wiley in the film. Both of them are more popularly known for their characters in Orange is the New Black, and it was nice to see them in roles outside of that. While I feel that Wiley wasn’t in a completely different persona, Glenn certainly was. They both did great nonetheless.

In terms of the soundtrack, I was very into the music played. I feel like most of them belong to the Indie genre, and I have, for the past half year or so, gotten into Indie music. I especially liked it when ‘Electric Love’ by Børns came on. I’m hooked on that song.

Furthermore, the crew did well in the visual effects and editing of the movie. Although I did not care for the fast cuts whenever the game, ‘Nerve’ is introduced, the rest of the film is edited well. Also, there are quite a few montages, and they give the audience a sense danger as the dares get more and more ridiculous. The montages, along with the dark color palette, added to and helped maintain, the thrilling tone of the movie.

Overall, a pretty thrilling young adult movie, with great acting, editing, and an appreciative soundtrack.

To sum-up:
PROS: Acting, editing, soundtrack, concept
CONS: Some pretty ridiculous dares

I give this a 7/10.

Have you seen Nerve? Rate it out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!


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