How to be Single (2016) Review

Verdict: Superficial

Questionable values with shallow characters.


Alice (Dakota Johnson) decides to take a little break from her relationship with Josh (Nicholas Braun) to discover herself after her university graduation. She meets co-worker, Robin (Rebel Wilson), who decides to take it upon herself to teach Alice how to live like she’s single. Under Robin’s guidance, she discovers another way of living life in the single lane. Especially after her sister, Meg (Leslie Mann) makes her move out after some neighbor’s complaints. Also in this, is Alison Brie as Lucy, Anders Holm as Tom, and Jake Lacy as Ken. Directed by Christian Ditter.

This film isn’t worth watching. It adds itself to the pile of nonsense comedies that teach a ‘right’ way to do something, which to me, is clearly not the right way. While the film has some funny moments, mostly coming from Wilson, but even then, her character is predictable and too much.

I quite liked the acting and chemistry between Johnson and Mann, they acted well as sisters. I initially liked Johnson’s character as well, but after awhile, she just became another shallow character. The other characters on screen aren’t as vulgar as Wilson is (though that is her brand), and the writers are sure to add vulnerabilities in all of them, but they aren’t well developed. Characters come and go, without any strong relationships being established, creating a superficial world.

I am adamantly against the idea that being single means having to sleep with every guy/girl someone meets. That is definitely not the ‘right’ way. What are movies like these teaching the younger generation? Not only is it a difference of opinion, it’s a difference between cultures, and having more of these shows coming from Hollywood, enhances the stereotypes of Americans. Plus, it gives pressure to those who do not act like that, but believe that they should be (when all their friends do).

A pretty ridiculous movie, that I was wanting to get over with. I do not like to stop movies halfway unless I really can’t stand it, so had to endure this. The flawed but yearning characters need more depth.

One thing that may have been an upside, was the pseudo-feminist narrative between Meg and Ken. It was great how the gender stereotypes got switched, but the eagerness of Ken, and reluctance of Meg makes me skeptical about the whole relationship. It’s not that easy.

This IMDb thread pretty much sums up my thoughts too:

Overall, not worth paying for or wasting time watching.

To sum-up:
PROS: Some comedy, sister connection
CONS: Story, values, superficial characters

I give this a 4/10.

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