X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) Review

Verdict: Engaging

Great characters, visuals and action.


When Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) emerges from hiding due to a tragic incident, Raven (Jennifer Lawrence) pays a visit to the school for the gifted to let Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) know. However, when Charles finds Erik, it seems like a new force of nature has awakened. En Sabah Nur (Oscar Isaac) was supposedly the first mutant to have lived, and after awakening from his slumber by the accidental actions of Moira (Rose Byrne), he has returned to wreak havoc. He recruits Storm (Alexandra Shipp), Angel (Ben Hardy), Psyclocke (Olivia Munn) and Erik to help him bring his vision to life. It is up to the X-Men: Charles, Raven, Hank (Nicholas Hoult), Jean (Sophie Turner), Scott (Tye Sheridan) and Kurt (Kodi Smit-McPhee) to stop them. Directed by Bryan Singer.

Though never having really been a fan of the X-Men series, I have to admit I am beginning to get hooked. I think I’ve watched a few of the early ones, and know the Wolverine movies, but have not really been invested in them until I watched the prequel to this X-Men: Days of Future Past. Though I’m not about to go stalk all the characters and the comics, I may end up watching the other films I didn’t watch before.

The story doesn’t really seem to have continued from the previous instalment, but that is how X-Men is able to entice both old and new audiences. Each X-Men movie has new characters introduced while still having the core characters at it’s centre.

The acting is great, as returning actors and actresses have already established their characters and know how to portray them. Those new to the franchise also do well and it’s quite refreshing to see young faces portraying characters already established in the universe. Quicksilver’s (Evan Peters) unique character personality really shines through, and is undoubtedly the highlight of the film. Not only does Peters do a great job with expressing his character, but the visual effects, editing and directing, all played a part in creating this and the rest of the personas.

Speaking of visual effects, the action is very well done, and the effects for the superpowers are exciting to watch. The vibrant colours as well, add to the immersive feel of the movie.

Having said all that, while it was cool to watch, it wasn’t as exciting as the previous X-Men film. It was still interesting and I enjoyed watching it, but it seemed more like it was setting up for more things to come. It felt like it was lacking something, which I can’t really pinpoint what exactly. The screenplay is well written and has many comedic lines which add character to the film. But the constant switching between good and evil was a little tiresome and predictable to me.

To sum-up:
PROS: Acting, characters, visuals, editing
CONS: A little predictable

I give  this a 7/10.

Have you seen X-Men: Apocalypse? Rate it out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!


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