Inside Out (2015) Review

Verdict: Quite Creative

Cool concept and animation with interesting characters.


Riley (voiced by Kaitlyn Dias) is a growing teenager and the five emotions in her head help her navigate the ever-changing world. The emotions are: Joy (Amy Poehler), Sadness (Phyllis Smith), Fear (Bill Hader), Anger (Lewis Black) and Disgust (Mindy Kaling). When Joy and Sadness get sucked into long-term memory, Riley descends into what appears to be depressive symptoms. Directed by Pete Doctor and Ronaldo Del Carmen.

Based on all the hype I was expecting this film to be more than it was. It was still pretty good, but not something I would want to watch again – as a few of my friends said they would (and one did).

The animation is very descriptive, colourful and cute. The shapes of the emotions and their colours are very typical of what we may attribute them to look. I’m a little confused at what ‘gender’ they might be and why it differs, because in the mother’s head they are all female and pretty much look the same. I’m not sure about the father, but they might have all been male too, but don’t look the same, rather are the same shape and pretty much the same look as the ones in Riley’s head. Perhaps this is alluding to the idea that puberty/growing up changes the emotions in our heads, which make sense.

The voice actors were pretty good, they match the feel of their characters really well and nothing seemed out of place. Richard Kind, who plays Bing Bong is a small treat and his creation is something that I think most everyone can relate to.

I feel like I have outgrown most animation films, as I have been saying for awhile now. Some I can find quite enjoyable and love them to bits (Despicable MeTangled), but others though are enjoyable to watch I don’t have much of an affinity for.

There was a short film, Lava at the beginning before Inside Out started, and I was really not impressed by it. It doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, was pretty cheesy, and more obviously geared towards children. I was very glad that was not part of the movie.

To sum-up:
PROS: Great animation, cool characters, good voice acting
CONS: Outgrown 

I give this a 7/10.

Have you seen ‘Inside Out’? Rate it out of five stars above or leave a comment below!


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