Spy (2015) Review

Verdict: Hysterical

Great script, acting and action.


Susan Cooper (Melissa McCarthy) works as a CIA analyst in the basement of Langley while helping field agent Bradley Fine (Jude Law) navigate his way around missions. When word gets around that Rayna Boyanov (Rose Byrne) is looking to sell a nuclear bomb, Cooper steps up for the job as Rayna knows the identity of CIA’s top agents including: Rick Ford (Jason Statham) and Karen Walker (Morena Baccarin). Her close friend Nancy (Miranda Hart) gives Cooper moral support along the way. Directed and written by Paul Feig.

This film is absolutely hilarious. It invoked so many laughs and some so strong that I actually teared a few times. Definitely a must watch if you loved The Heat or Kingsman (which I didn’t like). In my opinion since I loved The Heat, this film is on par or even better than that, which comes as no surprise seeing as Paul Feig directed both of them and they both star McCarthy.

The acting is absolutely amazing, and what makes the movie even better are their straight faces during hysterical scenes. Law and Hart give an OK performance as their characters are more secondary. However McCarty, Statham and Byrne give an absolutely amazing performance that liven up the atmosphere to a whole other level. The lines they spit out – though have too many F-bombs, manage to erupt the entire theatre with laughs.

Props to Paul Feig for both writing and directing this masterpiece of a comedy. The jokes are not so troll-like to be eye roll worthy and are not so bland or repetitive to make it stale. This was well directed and edited too, with the beginning credits looking like something out of a Bond film.

Plus, the action scenes were really well done, especially for a comedy. I wasn’t expecting the film to have such great fighting scenes, and it was definitely a plus that there was no overexposure of blood and gore.

In conclusion, apart from the many F-bombs, this is a must see comedy that will leave you laughing till you cry.

To sum-up:
PROS: Acting, action, script, directing
CONS: F-bombs

I give this a 9/10.

Have you seen Spy? Rate it out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!


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