Gone Girl (2014) Review

Verdict: Crazy Good

A very intriguing plot with superb acting and editing.


On the day of their fifth anniversary, Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) finds his wife, Amy (Rosamund Pike) missing. His twin sister, Margo (Carrie Coon) shelters him while detective Rhonda (Kim Dickens) and Officer Jim (Patrick Fugit) look over his house. With all the evidence pointing towards Dunne killing his own wife, he gets in touch with Tanner (Tyler Perry) a lawyer with an excellent reputation defending cases like these. A neighbour, Noelle Hawthorne (Casey Wilson) steps up shouting accusations and Amy’s ex-boyfriend Desi (Neil Patrick Harris) is also seen lurking around.

Even by watching the trailer you get a sense of suspense and this can be felt throughout the whole film. It was brilliantly made and edited. One thing I did not like though, was the numerous black screens. Probably it added to the atmosphere of the film but the cut-offs really bothered me. Also, from the trailer you get a sense of intrigue and want to find out more. Let me warn you, the reviews might tell you that this is not a normal film, but it will far exceed your expectations. This was crazy.

I’m not even sure if I liked it all that much, and might be a bit mind-blown at the moment, but I do have to admit regardless that this film was incredible. The way it managed to manipulate the audience’s views and feelings at times was exquisite. Not many films are able to do that. Plus it’s such a (I was going to say psychotic which wasn’t what I was going for, but somehow fits the film) psychological film. I’ve always wanted to watch more of those, for example Inception, Now You See Me, which are both favourites of mine. But this was almost too psychological. Too much so that after the film everyone in the cinema was silent. Take it as a good or bad sign but it certainly was an accomplishment.

The acting as well was superb. Ben Affleck played his part really well making the audience wonder if he really did kill his wife or believe that he did not. But the real master in this was Rosamund Pike. It’s really surprising how the trailer shows almost nothing of the movie, but that’s a good thing. Anyway, Pike was beyond brilliant and I certainly will view her differently now. I would spoil it if I revealed more. Neil Patrick Harris was pretty creepy in this too though I don’t know why. His character doesn’t seem like such a bad person.

One thing that I do have to say, is that they have a bit too much sex scenes going on. OK, I know I’m not a fan of R-rated stuff (violence, swearing, sexual scenes) but there was too much in this, and I’m not even sure if some were necessary. I admit one or two of them is crucial in telling the story and making more of an impact…but do we really need so many?

In conclusion, whenever I think of this film both my hands go up to the sides of my head and extend forward with my fingers spread in a gesture that implies being mind-blown.

To sum-up:
PROS: Intriguing plot, excellent acting, superb suspense
CONS: Cut-offs, too many sex scenes

I give this a 9/10.

Have you watched Gone Girl? Rate it out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!

P.S. Oh and it’s based on a book by Gillian Flynn who also wrote the screenplay, which I did not know. Mad props Flynn. Mad props.


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