Diana (2013) Review

Verdict: Disappointing

Too lovey-dovey, not what I was expecting but was well portrayed.


I’m not going to rate this very highly because I was expecting a film about the life of Princess Di, not the last two years telling of her love affair; I guess that was my fault for not reading the synopsis. But when you make a movie about a famous person let alone the most famous and admired woman to exist, its got to be good. Yet they took her public figure and turned it into a romance film. That may be the reason why many will agree with my verdict.

It was quite tedious and repetitive because the whole film revolved around Diana (Naomi Watts) and Hasnat (Naveen Andrews) as they came across obstacle after obstacle in their affair. Also I’m not really sure how much of this is true because the film shows Diana exiting the palace by herself. Didn’t she have bodyguards 24/7?

It would have been more interesting and informative if it was about her whole life. However Naomi Watts did portray her very well and her acting was really quite believable. She is another actress that has come on my radar, and is in my opinion, one of the best actresses in the drama genre. (She was amazing in The Impossible)

Furthermore, there was a lack of chemistry between Diana and Hasnat and after awhile of watching them together I was, to tell the truth, impatient for the movie to get on. Plus Diana was acting very impulsively which I guess was to show the audience that she was human too but that didn’t correlate with what I had perceived of her character. I read the book written by her butler, Paul Burrell (played by Douglas Hodge who uncannily enough, looks a lot like the real Paul) which gave me a foundation, so to speak, of my perception of her.

So yea, I was disappointed because I was expecting a film about the story of her life but got the story of her affair and of the 2 years before her death.

To sum-up
PROS: Good portrayal
CONS: Not what was expected, repetitive, tedious

I give this a 4/10.

Have you watched Diana? Rate this out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!


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