Upside Down (2012) Review

So this was one of the films that I was really looking forward to since October last year I think.

Adam Kirk (Jim Sturgess) lives in a universe where there are two worlds, one above the other; and these two worlds each have their own gravity.

He meets Eden Moore (Kirsten Dunst) and they fall in love, however she is from Up Top and he, from Down Below. As a rule, both worlds are not allowed to interact except in this building, Transworld where people from both worlds work in, albeit separately.

I was quite impressed with the film, a very original idea, seeing as it came from a guy’s dream, I think it was Juan Diego Solanas. Anyways an original story-line with a bit of a Romeo and Juliet romance going on. That part I didn’t like so much, they had a lot of kissing scenes..just maybe a bit too much. And the ending as well…I didn’t really like, kind of random plus what happened to the ‘massive manhunt’ that was after him? Oh wells.

And because it has all these ‘chemicals’ and stuff, the audience just has to have faith and believe that the stuff actually works instead of trying to figure it out.

So if you can be ignorant about that part- which I can, then the movie seems pretty cool. More than pretty cool actually, its pretty awesome. Except for the kissing and the ending.

So I give this a 7.5/10.

Have you watched ‘Upside Down’? Rate it out of 5 stars above or leave a comment below!


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