The Other Side of Heaven (2001) Review

So I mainly watched this movie because it had Christopher Gorham (Covert Affairs) and Anne Hathaway (Princess Diaries) in it. And I thought that the story was like a romance kind of story…which its not really.

John Groberg (Gorham) is a Mormon missionary sent to the Tonga islands which basically means he goes there to teach the locals about Jesus. Which is not what I had hoped from this movie.

Anyways this movie was more of a film on culture shock as John had to adjust to life there and learn the language. His president/ boss person says that no-one there speaks any English, which seems to be true until suddenly everyone started speaking English, which did not  make any sense to me, unless they were all speaking a foreign language and its just been translated to English in which case they should have kind of told the audience…

Oh wells, apart from that, it was kind of a slow paced movie, I had no idea where they were progressing to, which was probably my mistake since I was expecting a totally different kind of movie. =[

OK some parts were meaningful and touching and whatnot but it just didn’t leave a good impression on me.

Sooo I give this a 4/10.

Have you watched ‘The Other Side of Heaven’? Rate it out of 5 stars above, or leave a comment below!


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