The Celluloid Closet (1995) Review

A fantastic movie to make. This movie depicts how society views homosexuals and a reason as to why we do view them in this way.

We are all greatly influenced by the media and this movie shows that Hollywood movies imply that homosexuals always gets a bad ending or that being a homosexual is wrong. From then on this has been the view all over the World. You can’t take something like that back.

Even though this was a documentary I found it quite interesting and very true.

Movies (media) influence us in ways we don’t notice and this is quite dangerous. It’s kind of like brainwashing.

Maybe from time to time, take a minute to realize where your attitudes come from. Is what you’re thinking REALLY coming from you? Or is it from what you’ve seen on TV?

That’s a hard task, do we even have minds of our own anymore?

A great movie, I give this 8/10.

Have you watched ‘The Celluloid Closet’? Rate it out of 5 above or leave a comment below!


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