Serendipity (2001) Review

When Sara Thomas and Jonathan Trager meet for the first time they hit it off and sparks fly. Boom. However Sara (Kate Beckinsale) is a strong believer of fate and destiny and so when a sign comes telling her it is not meant to be right now, she writes her name and number in the cover of a book and sends it out to the World (donated it) and asks Jonathan (John Cusak) to do the same on a 5 dollar bill.

They don’t see each other again until the ending but there have been a few close calls.

A few years down the road and both of them are  engaged, however a day before his wedding, Jonathan keeps getting clues that directs him to Sara and he is torn between going back to his fiance or to continue searching for the mystery woman he never got to know.

The ending for me though was a bit too unrealistic. I mean why would he just (I won’t spoil it) stay in the freezing cold for a long time? Hypothermia, frostbite? =p

Kate Beckinsale looked so young here! And also after her other movies (Underworld, Total Recall) I was surprised to see her soft side (Even though this did come out more than a decade ago). Well she’s a good actress, but I think she is better suited to bad-ass characters.

A feel-good romantic comedy about the one who got away.

All it takes is a little faith.

I give this a 7/10.

Have you watched ‘Serendipity’? Rate it out of 5 stars above or comment below!


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