Ghost (1990) Review

Phew, I had totally forgotten about this movie. I watched this I don’t know how many years ago, probably about a decade or so and absolutely loved it although I was pretty young then. But I loved the story-line; at that age I probably liked it because of the comedy involved, especially with Whoopi Goldberg. She is hilarious!

But now when I watched it again I was more attuned to the romantic part of it and the conspiracy behind his death. Though I remembered who was the one behind it.

Sam (Patrick Swayze) dies after a fateful robbery. Molly (Demi Moore), Sam’s fiance mourns after him and seems to be unable to cope. What makes it worse is that this woman (Whoopi Goldberg)  comes to her and tells her that she can hear Sam and that Molly is in danger. So…are ghosts real?

If it was me it would creep me out, but I would probably act the same way that she did. Skeptical at first but giving in when a random stranger knows all the private details of my relationship.

A really good movie about love after death and of people from all walks of life coming together.

One thing though, when a bad guy runs away from a good guy and the bad guy gets killed, its kind of sending a message to the watchers that getting revenge is a good thing. Personally I don’t believe in taking away a person’s life no matter the things he/she did. Life sentence I agree to but not death. Death would be an easy way out, if the person is dead he would have no time to repent on his/her actions. I once heard a quote that went: “A guilty conscience needs no accuser”. There is no accuser like a conscience. Of course it would depend on whether the person actually has a conscience, but I believe that everyone does.

Anywho I give this movie a 9/10.

Have you watched ‘Ghost’? Rate it out of 5 stars above and/or comment below!


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