Movies to watch!!

So as I have mentioned before, I might be posting posts about movies that I want to watch.

And here it is:

1. Upside Down: Stars Jim Sturgess and Kristen Dunst. The trailer itself gave me goosebumps and the feel of the movie reminds me of Total Recall.
Adam (Sturgess) is from the World below but Eve (Dunst) is from above. As a rule, both worlds do not interact (this is like the upper class and the  lower class, but not to this extreme) However Adam and Eve (lol) fall in love, the oh so exciting forbidden love. tsk tsk. Still looks awesome to me though.

Definitely one that I look forward to watching. Out 15th November 2012 where I am. ( delayed to 29th Nov…=[ …)

2. Pitch Perfect: Starring Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow etc. Beca (Kendrick) enters a new college and tries to escape joining a singing club (glee anyone?). However one of them catches her singing in the shower (like Finn) and she is forced to join. Don’t really know if Anna Kendrick herself sings or if it’s someone else behind the screen but its a nice voice.

I’m quite interested to find out how it goes. Also out 15th November.

3. Breaking Dawn 2: Not that I’m really caught up in the series or anything but since I’ve watched the other 3..or is it 4? Anyways I might as well see how they end it. Book>movie. But a thumbs up for Taylor Lautner. =p And I must say that since Twilight, the movies have improved. The first one was horrible with bad production and make-up…sorry to whoever did it. But I was quite impressed with Eclipse and part 1 of Breaking Dawn.

One that I would most likely watch. Out 22nd November.

4. Rise of the Guardians: Hugh Jackman, Isla Fischer. An animation movie but it seems pretty cool. Although the main character Jack Frost looks like a teenager but has the voice of a man..(Jackman)

Frost is summoned by Santa Claus to help get rid of the Bogeyman who gives children nightmares. Frost being the classic main character who goes through the ‘Hero’s Journey’ and comes out of it more matured and with a few lessons learnt. We’ll just have to see if the process has any originality.

A movie that I wouldn’t mind watching but could probably live without. Out 22nd November

5. Man of Steel!! Henry Cavill and Amy Adams. This comes out in June 2013 though…but I just wanted to put it on here for fun =] Can’t wait!

And also Ironman 3! Woot!


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