A Walk In the Clouds (1995) Move Review

A pretty old show for me to be watching it now but good movies no matter the time they were made in will always be good movies.

Paul Sutton (Keanu Reeves) has just got back from the war and the very next day he journeys on a train and meets this woman (Aitana Sanchez-Gijon) for the first time. From then on it seems as though she is always causing him trouble until he lands himself as the role of her husband in order to deceive her father that the baby growing inside of her has a father. However when he tries to leave multiple times, something always stops him.

To be continued. Haha, watch the movie to find  out what happens. Of course though there is a happy ending –> they get together in the end. But its always only at the end so what obstacles they face you do not know, unless you have watched the film.

This movie follows the classic layout of the Hero’s Journey, and in this case it is really a ‘Hero’s’ journey, as Paul himself is a war hero. Paul enters the labyrinth that is Aitana’s life and experiences her family. He is confronted with lots of obstacles and a long the way makes friends and what appears to be an enemy. He faces conflicting thoughts and feelings and is pulled in two ways.  However destiny only gives one chance, it is not possible to go one way change your mind and choose the other option. As much as we all wish for that to be possible, it isn’t. Thus he has to make a decision.

On the contrary to what I just said about us only getting one chance, he gets two. His life made easier by the actions of another. A bit too easy. They should’ve been harder on him. Oh wells, I’m glad they got together…what am I talking about its a movie.

Keanu Reeves is oh so cute and him as a soldier really suits him (all gentleman like).

Hmm I rate this movie  3.5/5

Have you watched ‘A Walk in the Clouds’? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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