Wasao (20011) Review

And here is the other dog movie that I had bought at the same time I bought ‘A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies’. Wasao, I think means ‘hairy’ in Japanese and they name the dog Wasao as he is REALLY fluffy.

To be honest this movie was a bit boring. I fast forwarded all the scenes which didn’t have the dog or other dogs in it. They had irrelevant sequences like the annual bicycle race and the parade though I guess it was a tiny bit important. . .It just went by too slowly, especially when they talked…Oh wells it was worth it to just see cute and fluffy dogs. That was the main point of watching anyways.

Towards the ending was a lot better. Although the ‘fight’ was a bit unrealistic.

Maybe I was just feeling too impatient or something…but if I had watched the whole movie I would definitely have been bored and might have turned it off. So fast forwarding it to scenes of Wasao was the best option.

No more dog movies for awhile…Hachiko will always be the best.

I rate it 2/5. *sigh*,maybe 2.5 because it was about dogs..

Have you watched ‘Wasao’ yet? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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