Total Recall (2012) Review

Douglas Quaid has a beautiful wife and works in a factory, making robot soldiers. However he keeps having the same dream in which he leads another life. A classic example of a dream come true. And although he seems to lead a perfectly comfortable life, he himself is not satisfied and feels like he is missing something. So on the spur of the moment kind of thing he visits ‘Rekall’ a company that provides the service of inputting fake memories in the customer for a selected period of time, to get away from their real life. However when Douglas goes in, something wrong happens with the system and from that point on he begins to suspect that there may be more to him than he thought.

Kate Beckinsale plays his wife, Lori and surprise! is actually not his wife. She was posted as his wife to keep an eye on him and after he realizes that he might be a spy, the hunt begins. It is actually quite funny how her character continuously stalks him.

Jessica Biel plays someone important in his before life and she is the one that appears in his dreams. Two hot actresses in this movie, wowzah. Makes for a good catfight. Well, Colin Farrell ain’t that bad either.

One thing that makes me wonder though is why in the movie the company is called ‘Rekall’ with a ‘k’ when the title of the movie is ‘Total Recall’. That spelling makes me think that its in another language…like Malay, which in a Hollywood movie is not really likely.

This movie reminded me a bit of ‘Inception’ as it was mind boggling. Some scenes I was as confused as Douglas was in the sense that I did not know if what was happening was real or not.

I like mind-boggling movies =]

Thus I rate it 4.5/5 stars.

Have you watched ‘Total Recall’ yet? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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