A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies (2007) Review

Yes, this is a Japanese movie. About dogs. Sorry the trailer does not have any English subtitles but I figured you’d understand the story-line anyhow.

Being a dog-lover, I bought this movie along with another when I saw that there was a promotion. So yes, there is another review about a dog movie coming. Depending on when I watch it.

Anyways, Mari is a stray puppy that gets adopted by Aya and Ryotei. Fast-forward to a few years later and Mari has given birth to three extremely chubby and kawai puppies. Then disaster strikes in the form of an earthquake and Mari and the pups have to be left behind while everyone else is evacuated. It’s really cool and amazing how they train the dogs to act how they want. Mari is an amazing mother dog, and she puts her puppies first, before herself.

After I don’t know how long, some of them are allowed to visit the place/island for 2 hours. Will they find Mari and her three puppies?

I don’t know why my eyes were so watery….maybe I was wearing my contacts for too long….It was more touching than sad, maybe that’s why my eyes couldn’t take it. The bond between brother and sister, dog and master. Oh so heartwarming.

The ending of this movie reminded me a lot of 8 below, if you have watched it. It is about Huskies, 8 of them, who are trapped in the Atlantic or something and have to survive for a few months. Both these movies were inspired my true stories. Wow, like Hachiko. Are all dog movies based on true events?  (Excluding those made for children with talking dogs). Well if the other one I bought is also based on true events then we can assume that there is a high chance that most of these dog films are made from true stories.

Sorry, I have been doing a lot of research in the past few weeks as my semester was ending. Almost. 2 exams on Thursday then I’m done. I’m also off on vacation on Friday, so this may very well be my last post until the 26th. Not that anyone will miss me.

Anyways I rate this movie 3/5. OK 3.5 for the many tears that it made me produce.

Have you watched ‘A Tale of Mari and Three Puppies’? (Though I doubt it.) Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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