The Amazing Spider-man (2012) Review

A really good movie. As with Batman, I do not really remember much of the other Spider-man movies but I do know that his one was better than the others and Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) is a really good actor and plays his role really well. I don’t, as you may know, usually cry at all. Period. However in the scene where his uncle Ben died, I cried…well teared up. Good actor.

Also they added humor to his character and that improved it immensely. Although I can’t remember the previous movies, I am pretty sure Andrew Garfield made a better Spider-man than Toby McGuire did. Sorry Toby.

I was hoping for more of Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), we don’t really see much of her character. Though now that I think back, she was in the movie plenty but I feel that somehow she didn’t get enough air time. Hmmm..

The story line was  good and the suspense scenes were well executed, I cringed and flinched a few times. Also it seemed more realistic than the previous ones as it had all the science behind it and it was more realistic for him to use that gadget thing to shoot webs out, instead of it coming from his body.

What is it with superhero films nowadays and the trend with cut-scenes? Just put that scene before the credits! Not end the movie, show some names, then show that ending scene which tells us that there’s going to be a sequel. Although that could be a great way to make the audience stay back and see the names of the people who made it possible. However from now on I’ll have to wait and see if there’s a cut-scene in like every movie I see in the cinema. Which is what happened when I watched Batman. My brother insisted that there would be a cut-scene and so we waited…and waited…and were the only ones left in the cinema…and the usher person was waiting for us to go so he could close the door, so I asked him if there was anything else and he said no. But my brother was sure and I guess hoping for more so he asked the guy if he was sure there wasn’t any more. The usher replied that he watched it 10 times, and that he was VERY sure. Epic-Fail.

Anyways, the movie was really quite good, and it did not lose my attention at all. Not once did I look at my watch, which I usually do even though the film may not be that boring. (I looked at my watch about twice during ‘The Batman Rises’).

So since it managed to keep my attention, I rate it an amazing 4.5/5 stars!

Have you watched ‘The Amazing Spider-man’? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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