The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Review

This is a very, VERY action packed movie. At the beginning it was a bit slow, however as it progressed it got better.

I just love Batman’s motorcycle.

The wheels can spin, as in sideways so as to change direction. Very cool. Well all his vehicles and gadgets are awesome.

The Dark Knight is played by Christian Bale as he has for the whole trilogy- though the movies are so far apart that I vaguely remember the 2nd movie, ‘The Dark Knight’, and don’t even remember if I even watched the first one, ‘Batman Begins’.

Anne Hathaway plays Catwoman (Selina Kyle) and was very badass, I like her even more now. A changed opinion from ‘The Princess Diaries’ which I  loved. And which ironically, when cast in ‘The Princess Diaries’ commented that she had always wanted to play Catwoman.

Tom Hardy plays Bane, the evil character in this movie. He does not look good bald. And with the oxygen mask thing. The mask makes it even worse because it  is hard to hear him when he speaks. Though I guess it does give off a kind of sinister aura to him, so that people fear him because he has that thing on.

OK, so I googled images of ‘Bane’ and I guess he had to wear that because it follows the comics. Sorry, I don’t really know the comics, I just watch the movies. I have to say, Tom Hardy played his character really well, since we can only see his eyes, he makes good use of them. I couldn’t even tell that it was him most of the times as he makes these really intense expressions.

I just realized there are three actors/actresses from Inception here as well. Tom Hardy (Eames), Joseph Gordon-Lewitt (Arthur) who plays John Blake and Marion Cotillard (Mal) who plays Miranda Tate. There are also elements of inception here and if you’ve watched the movie, hopefully you get what I mean. If you havn’t, then hopefully I didn’t spoil anything.

Oh! There are actually 4 actors from Inception! I forgot one; Cillian Murphy (Robert Fischer) who apparently played Dr. Jonathan Crane in ‘Batman Begins’. But in this movie he was a kind of judge, not a really big part but good enough for me to recognize him.

This is quite a good movie, (though I still think Avengers is better) and I recommend for people who have not seen it to go see it! Some parts were quite comical as well and needless to say my favorite character was Selina Kyle, and only because she was portrayed by Anne Hathaway.

This movie was supposed to end the trilogy but it seems to me as if it’s the beginning of another trilogy. Well we’ll have to wait another 3/4 years for that one.

I rate this 4/5 (but lower than the Avengers). =P

Have you watched ‘The Dark Knight Rises’? Rate it out of 5 above!


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