The Iron Lady (2011) Review

Not to be confused with the female version of ‘Ironman’.

The Iron Lady is based on the life of Margret Thatcher while she was in office. Thatcher is played by Meryl Streep which I have to say portrayed her really well. The make-up too was extraordinary. Even one of my friends asked at the beginning of the movie, ‘She’s not that old is she?”. So props for that.

Thatcher was the first female prime minister of the UK, and was also the longest serving (1979-1990). Why she was  dubbed “The Iron Lady’ was because her views were set in stone and she did what she thought was right. According to what I got from the movie, she hardly if ever listened to her advisers and colleagues; which ultimately led to her downfall.

Anyways we’re here to talk about the movie not her life, though the movie is about her life. So, the movie is based on flashbacks as an old Thatcher grieves for the death of husband and sees hallucinations of him. And as we go along, she recalls past memories, the good and the bad.

I think this is becoming a common theme in movies. To start from the end and grow into the beginning.  Hmm.

Also the movie juxtaposes shots from reality (from the old times) with Meryl playing Thatcher. This really increases the sense of truth, that they are telling of actual events. Or else, you know with movies, you don’t know what is real and what isn’t, or what really happened and what didn’t.

Near the ending of the movie where she is finally able to let go of her husband’s death was quite well shot out. The dark hallway and everything, and his clothes, lots of symbolism. It was also quite touching, I felt like crying.

Overall a good movie and a good representation.

I rate this 4/5

Have you watched ‘The Iron Lady’ yet? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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