What Dreams May Come (1998) Review

Robin Williams is Chris Nielsen and together with his wife Annie Neilsen (Annabella Sciorra) they lose their only two children to a car crash.  His wife does not take it well and stops ‘living’ while he keeps telling her to “Never give up”.  Then one night, 4 years after the death of the children, Chris himself witnesses a car crash and gets out to assist the injured, (He’s a doctor) however another car form behind comes flying and kills him. -You would think that since there was ONE crash the other cars would either slow down or stop right? Idiot. Wait sorry this is a movie.

Anyways when Chris dies, the wife is in shock and after the death of her children took a long time to get out of it, but now there is no-one there to help her, well ‘no-one’ being Chris. He was the one who got her to continue with her life. So it comes as no surprise when she committed suicide. However they cannot see each other as she did not die of natural causes, ‘she did not follow the rules of life’ or something so she went to hell. Therefore the rest of the movie is Chris going from heaven to hell in order to find his wife and bring her to heaven.

It’s a pretty sad thing..the wife. Though I get why she did it, I mean she blamed herself for their death. First her children, she was supposed to drive them to school that morning but she had a meeting, though it was not the nanny’s fault either; a truck crashed in to them. Anyways yea, she thinks it’s her fault for not driving them. Then her husband, Chris, was on his way to deliver some of her paintings when he died and so she sees that as her fault. BoOm, double fault.

In conclusion, this movie was actually quite moving. Death, tragedy, love, memories – oh another thing, this movie is full of flashbacks, its what makes the movie. As we go a long we find out more information from their past. Pretty cool. And the graphics in the movie is pretty well ahead of its time…I think. I mean for a movie in 1998, it seems pretty modern.

I love the paintings.

Alrighty I think that’s it. This movie certainly can be related to Joseph Campbell’s journey of a hero template. As Chris entered the unknown (Heaven) he made friends and had to go through obstacles to accept his death and find his wife.

A touching story. I wish someone would go through heaven and hell for me. That’s the dream. Jokes.

I rate it 4/5.

Have you watched ‘What Dreams May Come’? Rate it out of 5 stars above!

On another note, I just love the piano song playing in the background of the trailer. ❤


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