The Flowers of War (2011) Review

Although I missed a bit of the beginning of this movie (I was busy trying to catch a cockroach while doing my best not to come in to contact with it) the rest of the movie really made an impact on me.

If by watching the trailer you did not get what the movie is about, here’s a short run through: The movie takes place in Nanjing, or then Nanking and depicts the Japanese invasion into China. John (Christian Bale) a westerner who works as a mortician heads to a church to prepare a priest. However the body is gone but he still demands payment and stays in the church for awhile, where there is only one other boy and 14 girls. Soon 14 other women who are prostitutes come banging on the door and take over the church cellar. John who never intended to stay long finds himself not being able to abandon them to the inevitable if they do not escape. I wont give much away but obviously not everyone gets out alive. The courage shown by most characters in the movie is really something.

At first I did not recognize Christian Bale with his beard, only after he had shaved did I realize he looked familiar.

This movie is as much about the horrors women and children in China felt during the invasion as well as about the bravery of the people to sacrifice themselves, though some seemed unnecessary.

It really is a sad time in history, but any death is a tragedy. What makes it worse is that these were intentional. And to think that this still happens to this very day! When will we ever attain peace? Is that so impossible? I’m getting a bit philosophical here.

Anyways this movie gave me goosebumps and had me thinking about it all night (as well as the cockroach that disappeared and might have still been in my room).

The acting and setting was all very realistic and was like a scary movie except that it was real/ had happened.

I rate this movie 4/5.

Have you watched ‘The Flowers of War’ yet? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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