War Horse (2011) Review

Alrighty. I don’t know why I cried as much as I did…but I did. I think I’m getting softer. I thought ‘Hachiko’ was really sad but I didn’t cry when I watched it, only teared up a bit. But this, I had a one tear roll down my cheek which has never happened before while watching a movie. Ever.

Maybe it’s because of the bond between man and animal which is like ‘Hachiko’, but unlike ‘Hachiko’, they were reunited at the end. The part where I cried was when they were joined back together at the war, just when the officer was going to put the horse out of it’s misery. But it was a bit unrealistic since the owner of the horse couldn’t see, so why was he walking towards the horse as if he knew it was there?

Anyways that was the point in the movie where my tears sprang up. It was quite sad. Or maybe its tears of joy for them…I don’t know, all I know is that I do not cry while watching movies and was proud of that fact until today.
Another point in the movie which was really touching (which did not make me cry) was the part where Joey, the horse, volunteered to switch places with his other horse friend so that the friend would not get shot. Seems like horses can be quite smart.

Pretty good movie. I give it a rating of 3.5  rounded up to 4.

Have you watched ‘War Horse’ yet? Rate it out of 5 stars above!


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