Some Like It Hot (1959) Review

‘Some Like It Hot’ stars Marilyn Monroe, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis. Joe (Curtis) and Gerald (Lemmon) are best friends and musical partners, they play gigs for a living, however the money is always wasted on whatever gambling game Joe thinks of, and Gerald always caves in to Joe’s ideas, while Joe never listens to Gerald’s ideas. This is apparent when Gerald has this idea to join a girls orchestra in Florida to escape winter. However Joe turns this down, but after awhile decides to take it on in order to escape from the mobs.

On the train to Florida we meet Sugar (Monroe) and both guys are immediately attracted to her. It is just hilarious to watch these two guys cross-dress and act all feminine around all these women. It is also quite scary because they can pull it off, especially Gerald, a.k.a Daphne (Lemmon). His facial expressions make the audience laugh at a glance and his body movements can really pass off as a woman.

Another black and white movie, but by now I am so used to black and white that I actually enjoy it more than color…sometimes. Well the olden movies just seem right to be in black and white. (This movie was released in 1959)

This is a fantastic comedy which is full of innuendo, however if you happen to miss them the movie is still full of other funny moments. The main one being men who act as women…and that other men are attracted to these woMEN.

Another thing is that Joe changes his accent when he courts Sugar as a fake millionaire to that of Cary Grant (as seen in ‘Bringing Up Baby’). When I first heard it I was surprised and couldn’t really lay my finger on where I’d heard it before, but then eventually got it. Curtis can really impersonate Grant’s way of talking quite well, almost to perfection.

I don’t know what it is about men cross-dressing that is just plain entertainment.

I rate it 4/5 like so many others.

Have you watched ‘Some Like It Hot’? What do you think about it? Rate it our of 5 stars above!


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